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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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NameGrade/Position teachesClassroom #WebsiteEmail
NameGrade/Position teachesClassroom #WebsiteEmail
Ashley Pastega 0 Kinder E-121  Ashley.Pastega@wesdschools.org 
Katina Wood 0 Kinder E-109  Katina.Wood@wesdschools.org 
Khloe Belfiore 0 Kinder E-125  Khloe.Belfiore@wesdschools.org 
Maureen Hodgins 0 Kinder E-113  Maureen.Hodgins@wesdschools.org 
Audrey Nolander 1st Grade B-115  Audrey.Nolander@wesdschools.org 
Jena Heise 1st Grade B-102  Jena.Heise@wesdschools.org 
Taylor Trost 1st Grade B-114  Taylor.Trost@wesdschools.org 
Ana Jimenez 2nd Grade B-110  Ana.Jimenez@wesdschools.org 
Melissa Newton 2nd Grade B-111  Melissa.Newton@wesdschools.org 
Mellisa Reimink 2nd Grade B-113 Ms. Reimink's Webpage mellisa.reimink@wesdschools.org 
Rebecca Van Leer 2nd Grade B-112  Rebecca.VanLeer@wesdschools.org 
Donna Maese 3rd Grade C-104 Mrs. Maese's Webpage Donna.Maese@wesdschools.org 
Laura Villicana 3rd Grade C-112  Laura.Villicana@wesdschools.org 
Melissa Sloan 3rd Grade C-103 Mrs. Sloan's Webpage Melissa.Sloan@wesdschools.org 
Stephen Riley 3rd Grade C-102 Mr. Riley's Webpage Stephen.Riley@wesdschools 
Wendy Abbott 4th grade C-201  Wendy.Abbott@wesdschools.org 
Jessica Hillhouse 4th Grade C-211  Jessica.Hillhouse@wesdschools.org 
Nancy Sandoval 4th Grade C-212  Nancy.Sandoval@wesdschools.org 
Taase, Tami 4th Grade C-202  Tamila.Krieger-Taase@wesdschools.org 
Shana Lusk  5th grade B-202  Shana.Lusk@wesdschools.org 
Alejandra Saldana 5th Grade B-201  Alejandra.Saldana@wesdschools.org 
Nicholette Besco 5th Grade B-214  Nicholette.Besco@wesdschools.org 
Sarah Bennett 5th Grade B-213  Sarah.Bennett@wesdschools.org 
Marlee Korishev 6th grade B-210  Marlee.Korishev@wesdschools.org 
Carmen Lewis Bradford 6th Grade B-209  Carmen.LewisBradford@wesdschools.org 
Elizabeth Keddie 6th Grade B-212  Elizabeth.Keddie@wesdschools.org 
Sophie Churruca 6th Grade B-211  Sophie.Churruca@wesdschools.org 
Katie Lewis Academic Interventionist A-123  Katie.Lewis@wesdschools.org 
Mariah Lastra Art D-101  Mariah.Lastra@wesdschools.org 
Ray Mora Behavior Support A-147  Raymundo.Mora@wesdschools.org 
Teresa Carney Gifted C-205 Mrs. Carney's Webpage Teresa.Carney@wesdschools.org 
Linda Rapps Headstart E-115  Linda.Rapps@wesdschools.org 
TBA Headstart E-118   
Amanda Taylor Instructional Coach A-211  Amanda.Taylor@wesdschools.org 
LaDawn Decker Music K-6 D-109 Mrs. Decker's Webpage LaDawn.Decker@wesdschools.org 
Dunja Pinjuh P.E.  D-113 Mrs. Pinjuh's Webpage Dunja.Pinjuh@wesdschools.org 
Allison Bramanti Resource C-204  Allison.Bramanti@wesdschools.org 
Kristin Goward Resource A-214  Kristin.Goward@wesdschools.org 
Aaron Medina Social Worker A-148  Aaron.Medina@wesdschools.org 
Showing 40 items