Title 1 Information

Ocotillo Elementary School

Title I: Parents’ Right to Know

Parents of students attending Title I schools may request information on the professional qualifications of the student’s teacher. The information provided must state if:

  • The teacher meets Arizona Certification requirements for the grade level(s) and subject area(s) in which the teacher provides instruction;

  • The teacher is teaching under an Emergency Teaching Certificate;

  • The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher;

  • If the child receives services from a paraprofessional and, if so, the qualifications of the paraprofessional.

Please contact:

Principal Steve Murosky


Los padres de estudiantes que participan en escuelas con el Programa Tίtulo I pudiesen solicitar información acerca de las calificaciones profesionales del maestro del estudiante. La información deberá declarar sí:

  • El maestro cumple con los requίsitos de cualificaciones/acreditación del estado de Arizona;

  • El maestro está enseñando bajo un Certificado de Enseñanza de Emergencia;

  • El maestro tiene una licenciatura;

  • El niño recibe servicios de un para-profesional y las cualificaciones del para-profesional.

Favor de comunicarse con:

Director Steve Murosky


Ocotillo Parental Involvement Policy 

Title One Program annual information meeting: Each year, all parents will be invited to Family Nights at the beginning of the school year. Information regarding the description of the Title One program, selection of students for Intervention services, staffing, funding, and the school’s parental involvement policy will be explained. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about the program at this time as well.

Flexible meetings: During the school year Ocotillo staff will design and hold meetings for parents. The focus of these meetings will be to help parents learn about ways to help their children in school. Parents will also be extended an invitation to attend a personal, formal conference for their child two times per year. If a child requires additional help, the parent will be invited to attend a meeting to help determine appropriate interventions. As always, parents are welcome to make an appointment to speak with any of their child’s teachers at any time during the school year.

Involvement in the planning, review, and improvement of the Title One Program: Parents will be given the opportunity to participate in the planning and review of the Title One Program through the Ocotillo Site Council. Parents will also be given the opportunity to offer suggestions for program improvement through surveys.

Information regarding school curricula, assessment data, and student achievement: All parents are kept informed regarding school curricula through classroom meetings, teacher phone calls, parent-teacher conferences, and school newsletters. Information regarding assessment data and student achievement is also sent home to parents. This may include but not be limited to teacher-developed tests, school, district, and state test information. Parents receive student progress report and report card each marking period. The school newsletter is also used to convey information.

Opportunity for parents to submit dissenting views to WESD: Parents are welcome to all Site Council meetings. Each Site Council meeting agenda includes an item entitled “Citizen Comments” at which time non-council members may have 2 minutes to state their opinions, suggestions, or concerns. The “Citizens Comments” portion of the agenda shall not exceed 20 minutes. Citizen’s Comments at other times during the meeting shall be at the discretion of the facilitator and shall be limited to the topic currently under discussion.

Agenda request forms are available in the school office. Agenda request forms must be submitted to the facilitator 5 days prior to the next Site Council meeting. The facilitator will distribute the agenda 3 days prior to the next Site Council meeting.